Man and Moon (remaster)

by Tomorrow's Man



From the original liner notes, c. 2000: "Man and Moon" was recorded as a tonic for those nights when the sun was rising faster than I was falling; when I only had one hour to sleep, barely a nap, but I needed it to be as deep as possible. "Man and Moon," a lulling, morphing series of arpeggios, uses the addition of brainwave synchronization over the length of the 60-minute installment to take the listener from a wakeful state all the way to deepest REM sleep - the sleep that rebuilds you for the coming day - then back out again to full wakefulness, all in 60 minutes. I know it works for me; I hope it gives you the rest you crave.

NOTE: "Man and Moon" is most effective when listened to at low volume, in stereo headphones.


released August 7, 2012

All sounds and programming by Tomorrow's Man

"Man and Moon (conclusion remix)" bonus track: Remixed by Brainbook,



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Tomorrow's Man Seattle, Washington

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